How to gather? Acting in a Center in a City in the Heart of the Island of Eurasia

Under challenging circumstances, the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art opts for a radical format and changes its structure: the biennale will be condensed into ten days. Artistic, discursive and reflective moments will shape the space. Located in the Pavilion No.1 of VDNKh, it is here that the Moscow Biennale will evolve, as a think tank in real time.

Biennale: Sept 22 - Oct 1, 2015
Documentary exhibition project: Oct 3 - Oct 11, 2015


Honoré δ'O

Born in Oudenaarde, BE
Based in Ghent, BE

The oeuvre van Honoré δ'O consists of sculptures, assemblages and chain-reactions. It is many-facetted to say the least, and always in motion. The artist was born in 1961 as Raf Van Ommeslaege and reborn in 1984 in Ghent as Honoré δ'O. This rebirth and choice of artist’s name is connected to his take on art and life which, according to him, are interchangeable. Honoré δ'O settles scores with the static nature of art. His art works are dynamic and know no definitive form – they are always in movement. The everyday objects and materials that he uses continually change, split and multiply in an endless variety of ways. Here the details are certainly as interesting as the whole. At first sight his installations indeed look like a disordered multiplicity of materials, but on closer view you see that it’s full of considered compositions and that the details contain an ordered chaos. The same elements also return in different combinations. Honoré δ'O’s art is not ponderous, but light-footed and playful. We are always invited to play along and become part of the composition. Because of the size of his installations, the visitor can contemplate it from different viewpoints and discover new meanings.

Credits (c)image: M HKA

Item details
The Ten Commandments, 2015

Honoré δ’O focused on one of the ten biblical commandments every day. The commandment of the day is voiced at intervals; in Russian on the full hour, in English on the half hour, in Chinese or Hebrew/Flemish/Hindi on the quarter hours. Honoré composes 10 delineations on the Ten Commandments. Everyday a specific reflection on the commandment of the day was performed. Honoré will edit the consecutive abidances into one screening The Ten Commandments: How To Gather. Besides Honoré offered a sign: a barrier. The barrier as a symbol of human rule and regulation, but being placed on the height where it can also articulate our relation to upper strata.